Wednesday, June 27, 2012


blow hot and cold (about something) (informal) to change your opinion about something often

a cold fish
a person who seems unfriendly and without strong emotions

get/have cold feet (informal) to suddenly become nervous about doing something that you had planned to do
*He was going to ask her but he got cold feet and said nothing.
give someone the cold shoulder (informal) to treat someone in an unfriendly way
 see also cold-shoulder

go hot and cold
to experience a sudden feeling of fear or anxiety
*When the phone rang I just went hot and cold.

in cold blood
acting in a way that is deliberately cruel; with no feeling for someone else's suffering
*to kill someone in cold blood

in the cold light of day
when you have had time to think calmly about something; in the morning when things are clearer
*These things always look different in the cold light of day.

leave someone cold
to fail to affect or interest someone
*Most modern art leaves me cold.

make someone's blood run cold
to make someone very frightened or fill them with horror
*The sound of laughter in the empty house made my blood run cold.

pour/throw cold water on something
to give reasons for not being in favor of something; to criticize something
*She immediately poured cold water on his plans to expand the business.

~ Mommy teach us how to use idioms in writing an essay or speaking.


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