Friday, December 24, 2010


At times when I feel so lonely, No one to keep me company
You were there..

At times when I feel so trouble, No one for me to turn to
You were there..

You always there..

In times of pain and sorrow..
When it feels like there’s no tomorrow
In you I find peace and strength,To get my life back on track again..

In times of joy and laughter, Happiness feels like forever after
In you I find it never ends
Cause your love’s always there to mend

I’ve come to realize, That you are my savior
You’re the most forgiving, Most merciful

A step I take towards You, Thousand steps you will see me through..
You’re the All Knowing, You’re the Most Gracious, Most Bountiful

Oh Allah
The more I know you
The more I love you…

Credit to: alnaqish

~ Syukur ku panjatkan munajat pada DIA YANG MAHA KUASA, ALLAH S.W.T..Siang tadi tamatlah exam terakhirku... Lepas ni nak fokus untuk tesis dan viva.. Tapi sebelum tu nak nyanyi sikit..I praise Allah for sending me you my friend (BRABUS group - MBA Muamalah and Centre of Graduate Studies)..I will miss the moment with you guys..Thank you so much.. Hopefully we can be what we want and as vicegerent we can do for the ummah and Islam..

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