Thursday, November 3, 2011

I found the answer to this dunya’s love heartache.

My sister was playing “Someone Like You” by Adele, and I’m not sure if I’m alone on this but ADELE’S VOICE IMMEDIATELY GETS ME DEPRESSED.
and I wonder, whoever wrote those lyrics, must have experienced something worse.
SO, here is the solution guys:
1. Stop listening to love songs (stop listening to music in actuality)
  • this means ANY type of love songs (happy or sad) 
  • songs trigger unnecessary memories
  • songs make you look at the past, instead of looking forwards - towards Jannah Al Firdaus
2. Treat everyone in your life with mercy.
  • who cares if they’re mean to you, make du’a for them.
  • who cares if they won’t give you kindness back, make du’a for them.
  • if they reciprocate kindness, say Alhamdullilah and make du’a for them
3. Don’t ask Allaah to give you that person back, or to have him/her in your future
  • ask Allaah subhana wa ta’ala to give you Sabr for whatever He has planned for you
  • you will NEVER know why He has taken things away from you until you turn to Him and realize He knows what’s best :) 
4. Pray each prayer ON TIME.
  • immediately shift your focus towards Salaah, when you revolve your schedule around Salaah then your heart will gravitate towards Allaah, instead of the person/event that disconnected you from Him.
  • Run towards your Lord with tears, run towards His arms, run towards His love. There’s nothing more secure, there’s nothing that can wipe your tears better than the hands of God :) 
5. Do things for yourself.
  • stop trying to please this dunya and the ones in it
  • start remembering that hurt is caused from our deficiency, and happiness is from His mercy
  • satisfy yourself by satisfying your Rabb
but most importantly…
say Bismillaah and seek for His forgiveness
and fall in love with Him and the Akhira ♥
inshaAllaah :)
via shazadkhan and thebeautyofislam

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